EDUC 494 Student Teaching: Elementary

Started on January 1, 1970

12 hours
This is the culminating fourteen-week practicum required of all teacher candidates who will apply for an elementary license. The teacher candidate collaborates with a master teacher to plan, and develop lessons according to Bloom’s Taxonomy as well as the intellectual, personal and social levels of a diverse K-6 student population. Teacher candidates teach appropriate classes and content to K-6 students in an accredited elementary school under the supervision of a licensed cooperating teacher and a college supervisor who specializes in elementary education. Teacher candidates must implement a variety of assessment methods according to the learning styles of the K-6 students. All required coursework must be completed prior to participating in a student teaching experience.
Prerequisites: EDUC 300, EDUC 311, EDUC 313, EDUC 325, EDUC 342, EDUC 370, EDUC 400, EDUC 430, EDUC 481, EDUC 483, EDUC 484, EDUC 485, and EDUC 486