EWPC 204 Academic Reading and Writing II

Started on January 1, 1970

3 hours
This course, part of the General Education Capstone, helps students refine concepts and skills needed to read and write with sources, and requires students to utilize their general education knowledge in a synthetic, analytic summative writing project in accordance with the college’s mission. This course utilizes concepts and skills from the general education program, and teaches students the concepts and skills needed to read and write utilizing academic sources. Students learn how to find, read, summarize, and respond to a variety of college level texts in a variety of genres. It teaches students academic print and electronic search techniques, analytic and synthetic reading skills, and the conventions of academic argument, culminating in ten pages of source-based writing. Students must pass a competency portfolio to be eligible for the second part of the General Education Capstone. (This course is a CCSJ General Education requirement.)
Prerequisites: EWPC 103, THEO 230, and completion of or enrollment in all introductory and intermediate general education courses, or permission of general education program director