MAT 530 Leadership Theory in Diverse Schools and Communities

Started on January 1, 1970

3 hours
This course investigates the social and cultural conditions that influence education. Education that is truly diverse provides an environment that values diversity and portrays it positively. Participants in the course will examine the cultural norms and beliefs of the school and compare and contrast these with the cultures, beliefs, and experiences of the student population. Topics include an examination of the beliefs, attitudes, and values around which schools are organized, as well as student/family environments, perceptions, and attitudes and how these perspectives mutually influence each other and student achievement. Participants will investigate and propose strategies to strengthen relationships, communication, and collaboration among the school, the home, and throughout the community. The belief that educators can deliver an equitable education for all students supports personal research and inquiry, readings, and class discussions. Professional growth, communication strategies, and technological facility permeate the course.