MAT 538 Mathematics and Science Methods

Started on January 1, 1970

2 hours
Candidates know, understand and practice the use of central concepts in math and science and structure it in such a way to create meaningful learning experiences that develop students’ appreciation and competence in math and science. Candidates us the major concepts and procedures that define number and operating, algebra, geometry, measurement and data analysis and probability in order to foster student learning and use of patterns, quantities, and spatial relationships that can represent phenomena, solve problems, and deal with data. Candidates use fundamental concepts of physical, life, and earth/space sciences. Candidates can design and implement age appropriate inquiry lesson to teach science, to build student understanding for personal and social applications, and to convey the nature of science. Candidates use a variety of resources including technology and collaborate with HQT to promote learning in math and science. Candidates use Bloom’s taxonomy to implement Indiana Academic Standards. Candidates use a variety of teaching strategies that promote the development of critical thinking, problem solving and performance skills. Clinical experiences required