MAT 549 Fine Arts Secondary Content Methods

Started on January 1, 1970

2 hours
Teacher candidates with the content area of fine arts will clearly communicate a philosophy of and justification for lifelong learning in the Fine Arts as well as their specific fine arts discipline (music, visual arts, theater arts, or dance).This course strengthens the candidate’s background in curriculum and instruction related to specific content areas, i.e. language arts, business, science, social studies, mathematics, fine arts, and journalism. Teacher candidates apply instructional planning, delivery, and demonstrate the ability to deliver standards-based, differentiated instruction that engages students. Candidates make effective use of contemporary tools and technologies and use assessment to monitor student progress and use data to guide instructional decision-making. This course provides instruction in classroom management, incorporates English Learner standards (EL), and provides opportunities for candidates to collaborate with HQT’s to improve student learning, engage in continuous professional growth and self-reflection, and adhere to legal and ethical requirements of the profession. Clinical Experience required.