May 5, 2020

To: CCSJ Students
From: President Dr. Amy McCormack

Dear CCSJ Community,

As you are in the midst of the last week of the semester and turning in papers and taking your online finals, we are underway with planning to reopen campus in June with protocols in place that ensure the health and safety of our college community. We know that all of you have been impacted by COVID 19 in various ways – physically, financially, emotionally, and mentally. It has been a very difficult 8 weeks as the news of the coronavirus unfolded, our country began to shut down, and family and friends were impacted by this terrible virus. You have been in our hearts and minds as we have all tried to navigate the unimaginable.

I have listened to testimonials and interviews from seniors that have been devastated by the move to a virtual graduation. There is nothing that can replace the feeling of graduation day when you are surrounded by family and classmates as you walk across the stage, receive your diploma, and celebrate your accomplishments. We will have a virtual commencement on June 20th and I am confident we will do our very best to make it special, but it won’t be the same. Seniors all across the country are mourning the loss of their commencement ceremony. As a parent of a college senior, I know the disappointment and sadness, but I hope that you don’t let COVID 19 be the only thing that defines your college experience. There is much more to your years at Calumet College of St. Joseph. I salute you and congratulate you on your accomplishments, perseverance, and dedication.

I have been able to witness class presentations that were outstanding and listen to student interviews and reflections that were incredibly moving. I am always energized by the work of students. The cancellations of the Science Fest, Trustees’ Scholarship Gala, awards banquet, athletic seasons and other events in the spring have left a void for many. Calumet College will always welcome you back and I look forward to seeing you on the other side of COVID 19. I also want to recognize those students that are first responders, teachers, care providers, and managing family demands and yet uncertain futures. Your strength, flexibility, and care for others speak to your values and our mission.

CCSJ will receive funds under the federal CARES Act to distribute to students in the form of emergency financial aid grants. We are working out the details and will notify eligible students of their distribution this week. The compliance and distribution requirements and uses of funds are more complicated, so information will be forthcoming.

In closing, I wish you luck on your final exams and projects, continued perseverance through the coming months, and the best on this Cinco de Mayo. I look forward to seeing many of you in the fall. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay hopeful.


Dr. Amy McCormack